Human Resource Management System


Human Resource Management System
HRMS Technical Highlights
  •  Programming languages :
    ASP.NET [VB.Net], HTML, JavaScript
  •  Database Servers :
    MS SQL 2000
  •  Application Server :
    Windows 2000 or Higher
  •  Reporting Tool :
    Crystal Report
  •  Other Tool :
    Quickbook Addresses.
  •  Efforts :
    2 Month [ 2 x 2 Man Month ]
Human Resource is a very important part in any business or organization. Human resource management software allows the employer to carefully handle their human assets in effective manner and allocation. This maintain and manage the important details and information about employees like about their attendance, payroll, appraisal, training , review , discipline, time sheet, their personal detail etc.

By using Fusion’s Human Resource Management Software, you can improve your work efficiency and know more about your target work. It is very helpful to manage the entire business, planning, preparation for the project, and even HR management helps planning in doing such things. If you are handling a big organization or a business it is sometimes become very difficult to manually keep the analysis of the projects and about demand and supply of human resource for future needs. This software will help you in that case.

We can see that these days information technology being intertwined with so many different things.  Now people are moving to automated back-office functions that in the past, that is quite intersection between human resource management and informatics technology in the form of HRMS. Hence , Fusion offers integration human resource management system packages in to ERP system that help integrated central information from various software and applications representing different organizational or business into one universal database.

HRMS is a human resource management system meant to assist users in managing its human resources in the most optimal, effective and efficient manner possible. Through the automation of all HR and benefits management processes, the HRMS reduces HR and benefits costs for small and mid-sized organizations nationwide. This product is a comprehensive solution for automating the HR functionalities of large organizations. Recruitment, salary, leave accounts maintenance, appraisal, terminal benefits, training, transfers, promotion, lapses/misconduct's, payroll, exit and settlements are the major operations that are automated by this product.

Now if you are looking for HRMS software then we are here to provide you the best software as per your needs. Fusion Informatics is one of the leading companies for providing such bespoke HRMS software development. So feel free to contact us we would be happy to cater you our best service.


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